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Eagle Auto Sales is as our dependable name implies. Why Eagle?​

Our business is known for its brilliant leadership characteristics; our principal dealer Yugeshan Naidoo possess in excess of thirty years of first-hand experience in sales and marketing.

Being in the business of used cars for just under a decade it was appropriate for our competitors to congratulate us using the apt phrase, the eagle has landed!

We soar above the rest to bring you unquestionably dependable used vehicles at affordable prices to suit your financial needs during the tough economic climate.

Just, like the eagle we soared to great heights and returned with a choice of vehicle to please you.

Your advantage is that we search for your needs away from the pack! It is true; our networks of reputable suppliers have outsized wings never to miss the affordable vehicles to suit your budget.

Every vehicle perched in our meticulous display area has been subjected to our 120 point no nonsense eagle-eyed strict test. We offer you low mileage vehicles, vehicles that cover an average of 20 000kms per year. Vehicles carry the balance of warranty and we offer you warranty plans at prices to suit you.

Our customers are important- if you reside outside Pietermaritzburg, in another province or in a neighbouring country our nationwide links with dealers makes your dream car a reality. We do the necessary administrative work for you.

Eagle Auto Sales is your first stop off the N3. We have ample safe parking while you look around from our reliable cars for your select choice. To make your purchase easier, we have close links with all major financial institutions. You can apply for your finance from the luxury of our premises.

Our extremely affordable cars allow us to soar above the ordinary second hand car dealer and offer you the best. Call on us today; it will be the beginning of your pleasant journey in your vehicle hovered over by the Eagle!